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Looks like the MT8050iE, is only a 4 inch screen, if you can use our PV+ series 7,    2711P-T4W21D8S  
2333 Days Ago
624435 - Product Safety Advisory 2014-10-002 - Select 140M-C*, 140M-D*, 140M-RC*, and 140U-D* May Unexpectedly or Intermitten
2527 Days Ago
Catalog Number Explanation
2559 Days Ago
Hook-Up Wire - Polyvi
2563 Days Ago
MPF-B430P-MJ24BA Replaced by MPF-B430P-MJ74BA $2850.00 each   160BA03NSF1                            
2599 Days Ago
Brad Harrison 115020C01F120 Cable Replaces P/N 41343S 1300101115 SAME AS A-B 889N-F5AFNU-12F     
2600 Days Ago
2615 Days Ago
Bulletin 193-EA/193-ES Electronic Motor Protection Relays
2619 Days Ago
4004121513 20 HP 20BD014
2628 Days Ago
August 5, 2014   To: All TPI Market Partners   Re: Pricing Adjustment for 2015  
2628 Days Ago